Jesus is Our Anchor 4/28/20

During this season of COVID-19, God gave us peace for our souls and quiet for our minds. Chuck and I gave up watching TV for lent! What a blessing! God shielded us from the constant barrage of negative news cycles and kept us off the band wagon of fear and anxiety.

I prayed a lot! Fervently! I talked with God throughout the day, at first telling him my frustrations and questions, pleading for safety for my family, friends, our nation, and our world, becoming impatient, and asking for immediate intervention of the madness.

However, my prayer life started to mature into listening more closely and being full of praise and thanksgiving. I know that this season will pass. I know that Jesus is my anchor.

Hebrews 6:19 says: “Jesus is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls”

He gives us stability, security, and courage in this uncertain and scary season. When we surrender our lives to him, he directs our path on steady ground.

When my ego wants to slip into the spinning chaos of world beliefs, he keeps me anchored to sanity and truth in him.

With the slow-down in our hectic lives, God has opened an opportunity for me to experience and immerse myself in the beauty of his world, enjoying the vibrant new life that comes with spring. Even the new growth at the top of the pine trees, sprouting out in the form of a cross, remind me of his sacrifice and love.

Chuck and I have been taking better care of ourselves. We are walking and riding our bikes, working puzzles, visiting friends in the neighborhood, reaching out and offering help to those in need, sewing face masks, doing “honey-do” home projects, reading uplifting articles on-line that give hope and encouragement, actually calling and talking to family and friends instead of texting, continuing our Bible studies, and tuning into Pastor Tim’s devotionals and sermons. Our family is our lifeblood that even the scare of COVID-19 can’t interrupt. We have the grandkids for a sleep over once a week. The videos on Facebook from LifeSong Preschool have been a blessing in helping them stay connected to their LifeSong family.

This has been a reflective time for us to re-evaluate what is really important in life, to change life-style patterns, and to reflect on the goodness of God and rejoice in him.

Debbie Schandel