The Blessing 3/27/20

Today officially marks the end of my paternity leave, and I can definitely say that the world does not look the way I thought it would when I’d get back. As COVID-19 has become a pandemic before our eyes, everything that was once normal has been turned upside down.

I recently went to Target to pick up some supplies, and the change from two weeks ago to now is nothing short of jarring. Six feet apart, some with masks and gloves, and almost nothing beyond eye contact. In just two weeks, the world went from a warm hug hello to a text to check in. But it hasn’t all been gloom. This time sheltering in place has given us an opportunity to view things with fresh eyes, and I think has allowed us to reclaim the blessings that God gives us that we’ve so long taken for granted. The time I’ve gotten to be with my family, and discover new ways to simply “be” has been refreshing, and a blessing to my very soul.

So tonight I wanted to share this brand new song from Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, and Bethel, “The Blessing”. Straight from Numbers 6:24-26, it is so incredibly simple, yet so powerful. We’re living through a time that will undoubtedly be a part of our world history. But we have control over how it will be spoken of. I for one, cling to the prayer that “The Blessing” eloquently uses, choosing to trust in the promises God has made. That His favor is upon us to a thousand generations. No matter how crazy the world becomes around us, God has promised favor. Does this lead us to forgo precaution and safety during this time? Absolutely not, but at the same time, I choose to put my trust in what is to come, and not solely in what is here and now.

We have the opportunity to say “amen”; to affirm the truth that while we are facing an unseen threat, we can still (with care and the precaution- 6 feet everyone!) trust that God goes before us and behind us and beside us and all around us and within us. Check out the song (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, wherever!), and join us online this weekend where I’ll be sharing it live!