Nothing to Fear 3/20/20

There’s a song that really struck a chord with me (pun intended) instantly that I find incredibly appropriate for the season we’re in, and I thought it’d be good to share with all of you. It’s called “Nothing to Fear” by Audrey Assad, and it’s a song sung from the perspective of God speaking to His children.

The song uses imagery of times where we find ourselves overwhelmed, but elicits comfort in the truths of who God is, and that our God is ever for us, including the times that seem impossible to overcome. Right now, we’re confronted with a virus that has halted all sense of normalcy. Families all across the country, including yours and mine, are having to navigate new family dynamics and increased precautions to do even the simplest grocery run.

Perhaps you’re especially susceptible to infection, and you’re living day by day in a state of fear. But God’s promise to us is that we have nothing to fear when we trust in Him, for God is with us always. Even when trouble comes, invisible as it is, so too are we filled with a greater Spirit that we can rely on. Even when trouble comes, those troubles will never separate us from the perfect love of God.

So my hope and prayer for each of you in this season of unknown is that you would lean in to the God who loves you. Romans 8:28 says, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose”. While this world may bring about uncertainty, we can trust in our God who is working all things for good. For we know that when this world passes away, our love and trust in the Lord has secured our place in our true home.

So, we have nothing to fear. Cautious? Aware? Responsible? Yes. But fear has no place, because nothing, including this virus, can separate us from the perfect love of God. You can listen to the song on any streaming music service, or find it on Spotify using this link! Much love from the Glass household.